About Driver Seat Racing  and
the Southern Pro Am Truck Series

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Driver Seat Racing and the Southern Pro Am Truck Series provides stock car and pro truck drivers with a fun and an equally competitive racing experience.  The Series is made up of professional and amateur stock car drivers that either rent or own a pro truck.

The Southern Pro Am Truck Series mission is to grow the number of pro trucks in the southeast by facilitating a fair and equal playing field and by encouraging pro truck teams to help those, that are new to the Series, become more competitive.  To accomplish this mission, the Series and its members continue to make rule improvements that are in line with a modest racing budget and by conducting consistent and unbiased tech inspections of all pro trucks. Please contact us to become a member, volunteer or sponsor of the Series.

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Next Scheduled Race:  Bronson Speedway February 10, 2018

5/5/2018 Crisp Motorsports Park 

#38 Curt Britt

1st Place

The Southern Pro Am Truck Series 



AS of 5/5/18

                         1.        5          Joshua Hughes                    286
                           2.    74           Robert Whitaker                278
                           2..     9             Rusty Davis                           278
                        4.        48       Jacob Mengel                        264
                        5.        36       Chad Chastain                       196
                        6.        12       Eric /Kristin Wallace         174
                        7.        31       Rodney Haddock                  148
                        8.        38       Curt Britt                                  100
                        9.        4T8     Tovia Grynewicz                    98
                        10.      54       Grant Thompson                   94
                        11.      19       Colt Cecil                                   90
                        12.      41       Jeffrey White                          86
                        13.      21       Jason Welch                            82
                        14.      13x     Mick Lizzano                          78
                        15.      55       Pat Moriarty                           76
                        16.      Q         Bobby Snodgrass                 74
                        17.      131     Chuck Hiers                              0