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Driver Seat Racing and the Southern Pro Am Truck Series provides stock car and pro truck drivers with a fun and an equally competitive racing experience.  The Series is made up of professional and amateur stock car drivers that either rent or own a pro truck.

The Southern Pro Am Truck Series mission is to grow the number of pro trucks in the southeast by facilitating a fair and equal playing field and by encouraging pro truck teams to help those, that are new to the Series, become more competitive.  To accomplish this mission, the Series and its members continue to make rule improvements that are in line with a modest racing budget and by conducting consistent and unbiased tech inspections of all pro trucks. Please contact us to become a member, volunteer or sponsor of the Series.

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Next Scheduled Race:  Bronson Speedway February 10, 2018

2018 Kick off To Speedweek Bronson Speedway 


#31 Rodney Haddock

The Southern Pro Am Truck Series Kick Off To Speedweeks 50 lap race is in the books and did not disapoint. The night started with two heat races to set the feild for the 50 laps later in the night. Heat race 1 was won Eric Wallace from Charlotte North Carolina, Eric led flag to flag and was never challenged, Heat race 2 was won by Toby Grynewicz from Abiline Texas. Toby led flag to flag also and was never challenged. After both winners drew a 2 pill the two started on the front row. The series deciding to run the new Tile City retread tires on the trucks and the desicion to do so has proven to save the drivers hundreds of dollars where they can spend money elese where.  The feature race started with the 4t8 of Grynewicz leading the way. Eric Wallace still with the monkey on his back continued to have problems with the truck. Wallaces truck showed signs of Brake problems early on and with a bump from another truck wallace retired for the evening.  Josh hughes showed streighth early on but the tires did not take toabuse early on and hughes faded but kept making runs to the front.  The 74 of Robert Whitaker is new to our series and had a good run going Whitaker had the tires figured out and kept his nose clean and had a great run. 18 year old Jacob Trey from Hudson Florida was doing a great job considering he lost communication with his crew in the early going. Jacob was running a strong 5th when he under estimated the new tire and spun off turn 4 and had to go to the rear. Rusty Davis out of Lake Lanier Georgia with his new Ford powered truck stayed clean and had an honest run. Rusty was driving a brand new truck and stayed consistant. The race was not settled till the last lap when Chad Chastian and Rodney Haddock fought for the lead lap after lap. Chastian started in the rear and made hois way to the front in a short order maybe too fast while haddock took more time and saved a little till the end. Haddock driving the haddock Timber silverado took the lead with 5 laps to go and had at least 3 trucks on Chastain when The checkers flew. It was definitly worth watching. we really appreciate all the drivers and there families for coming out to Bronson Speedway to kick the year off.  We look forward to getting back to Bronson,